Keep Your Radar Level With The Horizon

Questus Marine's patented design Self-Leveling Radar Mount automatically keeps your radar antenna level with the horizon,  eliminating target loss.

Regardless of the angle of heel, your Radar Antenna will pick up targets to either side of your vessel rather than aiming to the sky and water (for planes and fish).

You WILL see objects surrounding your vessel!

The Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mount can be installed in three basic configurations: backstay mount, mast mount or Stern Pole mount.  The Questus systems are innovation in design and aesthetically pleasing, maintaining the graceful lines of the boat.

The Questus backstay system can be installed in six different configurations; (over the backstay - forward or aft mounted, behind the backstay - forward or aft mounted, in front of the backstay - forward or aft mounted radome).  Installation does not require modification to the vessel or rigging including those with hydraulic backstay adjusters.

Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mounts can be used with many types of radar, including; Broadband, High Definition, Pluse and HD.