Where Credit is Due: September 2012

Questus Marine

Many thanks to Rob Gorman and the team at Questus Marine (www.questusmarine.com) for their outstanding customer service and product support. My six-year-old, self-leveling radar mount was robustly built but self-destructing nonetheless. The Questus staff was tenacious, eventually diagnosing and correcting a small, but serious, installation error at a very reasonable cost.

A Questus mount will be one of the first things I buy for my next boat, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a high-quality and thoughtfully engineered product.

David Ricciardi

Via email



Rob, Thanks for all your help in making the transition to the new boat. It is on  and working fine and looks the way I wanted. Appreciate your great customer service. 

Dave S.



We got back from our summer cruise and would like to report that the Questus unit worked great. Thanks!



Many thanks the team at Questus Marine for the outstanding customer service and product support.  Your assistance in diagnosing and solving the installation error on my six-year old 400G mount was truly top notch.  A Questus mount will be one of the first things I buy for my next boat and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a high quality and thoughtfully engineered product.

Best wishes,

David Ricciardi
Cos Cob, CT



I am a Marine Engineer and have been in the maritime business for over 40 years.  After doing some extensive research, I decided on the Questus Model 400 G for my Sabre 34 and it’s Garmin 18 HD radar.

The quality is definitely evident but the thing that impressed me the most was the care and interest that you took to ensure that the installation was properly done.  It is an exception in today’s world that the company selling you a product calls to see how the installation turned out and if there were any questions.  Clearly the big manufacturers can not offer this personal and much appreciated service.  Last weekend, I went out sailing and the 400 G did what it was designed to do - provide a self-leveling platform that produces superior radar response.

If any new customers would like to personally discuss my experience with Questus, please do not hesitate to have them contact me.

Best regards,



May 4, 2012

Nice to see you at the Jack London Square / Northern California Boat Show!  

We purchased one of the first Questus systems in 1991 when we were living on our vessel Sail On II (Hylas 44) in Los Angeles.  We were preparing our vessel to relocate to San Francisco Bay.  Now 20 years later we have the same system and it still works great!  Gladly we made the decision to go with the Questus system after considering a free standing pole or other options. 

 Darrel & Sally R.

Alameda, California


January 21, 2012

 I purchased a 1970’s Pearson 33 in the fall of 2011 that came equipped with an older Questus 400 radar leveling unit (which I was particularly interested in because I love to cruise in “Down East” Maine). When I took it to Questus in Marblehead for a “check-up and some TLC,” they estimated it to be a “late 1990’s unit,” so probably between 12 and 14 years old.  They did find a couple of minor problems, but they apparently had more difficulty getting the unit apart (because of its age) than in making the minor repairs needed.   I had my unit back in several weeks; they are very cooperative and capable people, and I am looking forward to many years of comfortable cruising, whether it’s foggy or not.

 Patrick N.

Portsmouth, NH    



I have had a Questus radar mount on my 35 foot sailboat for more than 10 years and I have found it to be a superior product in every regard. I sail on Lake Michigan and frequently cross the lake going between the shores of Michigan and Wisconsin. I wanted radar on my boat and I carefully investigated all the options for mounting it and picked the Questus Model 400 for it's great design and rugged construction. I installed it myself which was not a practical  option with other mounts I considered making them ultimately more expensive as they required fiberglass work. As I lay my boat up for the winter I can leave the radar up or store it away in the cabin. I can also get to my radar for service when needed very easily. I have had no problems with my radar mount short of loosing a screw overboard. I would buy this product again in a heart beat. Scott H., New Buffalo, Michigan



Hi Rob,

It was a great pleasure to meet you this past week. Thank you for your assistance in my purchase of one of your radar mounts.

During my research of radar mounts I googled back stay radar mount and I noticed Questus mentioned in a forum discussion. I googled your brand and got to your website, the rest you know.

I think you have several major advantages which moved me to buy your product.

  1. it is American made.
  2. it is the original patented self leveling radar mount.
  3. there was a local “brick and mortar” where I could come and physically see the product.
  4. You could articulate why you product was better than the competition.
  5. Last, but don’t discount it, you were a nice guy and people like to buy from people they like.

Warmest Regards,
Stephen M.