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The Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mounts transfer all torque to the chainplate. Therefore there is very little pressure on the wire or rod, Approximately 20 torque lbs.

We've only seen broken wires in improper installations. The Questus Marine Radar Mount is designed so that there is no flexing of the wires. However, you must follow the installation instructions. We have recently seen several boats with improper installations.

That's true, the typical radar beam is only about 25 degrees, so as the vessel heels, you are spending a lot of time sweeping the sky and the water, but missing many targets on the water.

Not true... there are lots of times when the wind is blowing and you've got fine sailing, but it's also foggy. In those cases you want to be keeping a radar watch for collision avoidance, and you want your radar aimed at the targets around you, not above (in the sky) and below (in the water).

No problem, we can accommodate most hydraulic backstay adjusters. Give us a call.

 Yes, please give us a call for the part # and pricing.

No, the self-leveling function will work properly with your Radar unit.

It should as the hole pattern is designed for most marine units, however we suggest you give us a call with your/or intended radar make and model and we will verify the compatibility.

Yes they do in 6 different configurations. If the split is more than 8 feet 6 inches above the chain plate, the Questus Radar Mount can be mounted just as if it were a single backstay (Pole in front of the backstay, behind it or over it). The pole will be angled just as the backstay is but the Questus Self-Leveling Radar Mount will remain level. If the split is less than 8 feet 6 inches above the chain plate, mount the pole on centerline and the Questus Radar Mount will be above the split.

Yes, mount the 400G on either backstay just as you would a single backstay.

The only change is that it will require a different clevis pin and those are available from Questus Marine.  Measure the diameter of your existing clevis pin before calling.

Yes, there are adjusting screws to level the unit fore and aft and the damper assembly automatically levels the unit athwartships.

The Model 400G and 500G are designed for 18 inch diameter radomes. The Questus Model 300G is designed for 24 inch diameter radomes. No, you cannot just change out the mounting plate; each Radar Mount Model is weight and size specific. Please call us to discuss options.

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