Questus Marine Model 400G

Backstay Radar Mount

(Above) 18" Questus Marine Self-Leveling Mount Model 400G

Questus Marine Model 400G

Backstay Radar Mount

Pole or Mast mount up to 24″ radome

The Questus Marine Self-Leveling Radar Mount Model 400G is designed for radars up to 24″ radomes and mounts to the backstay.

The Model 400G may be mounted facing forward or aft. The radar module will continuously maintain the radome level as the vessel heels.

Key Benefits

  • Pick up more targets
  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Hydraulically dampened
  • Easy on radar scanner
  • No modifications required to the radar
  • No modifications to your vessel
  • Mast mount
  • Pole mount
  • Pole Mount


  • Hydraulic cylinder adapters
  • Single Antenna Mount (VHF)
  • Double Antenna Mount (VHF and GPS)

Universal Backstay Mount

400 G Stock No. 102520-000 $1,999.00